Yebrail Haddad Linero | Conmemoración Virgen de Torcoroma

Commemorating the 300th anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin De Las Gracias De Torcoroma, Ocaña Mayor's Office, delivered a replica in the Plaza del 29 de Mayo.
August 2011

In August 2011, the then mayor Yebrail Haddad, delivered a replica of the Virgin of Torcoroma made by the sculptor Yesid Manzano Carrascal in a piece of ceiba toluda that was embedded in a ceiba in the Plaza Del 29 de Mayo. 

The Tree of Life, as the ceiba was called, is a cultural and historical monument of the Ocaña community, made in commemoration of the 300 years of the apparition of the Virgin and the 100 days without homicide that Ocaña celebrated for the first time in 15 years. "This ecumenical work does not obey any orientation of faith but rather an important symbol rooted in the sentiments of each of the ocañeros," said Mayor Yebrail Haddad. "This image that will remain in the Plaza is an offering for Ocaña to maintain the good results of peaceful coexistence and without homicide," the president added.

And there he remains, visited by those who arrive in our city for a short time and do not manage to go to the Shrine of the Water of the Virgin where the original image of the Virgin that appeared to the Melo brothers on August 16, 1711 in a splinter from a tree that the young people cut down on the mountain called'Torcoroma' remains. From there, the Virgin appeared, took the name of Our Lady of Grace of Torcoroma.

This year 2018, the tree of life with the replica of the image in the Plaza Del 29 de

Mayo, was decorated for the festivities in honor of the Virgin of Torcoroma by a devout ocañera, Rosita Peñaranda who makes a tribute to the Patroness of Ocaña.

yebrail haddad
yebrail haddad